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Welcome to Spice up your next meeting with a fresh bomb!

Hi, I’m Lance Weiss. For the past 15+ years, my buddy Joe Larson and I have been professional stand-up comedians in NYC. Due to the global pandemic, it appears that live stand-up comedy in NYC is out of commission for some time. Enter meeting bombs!

I started this as a fun Facebook / Instagram post, but it hilariously turned into something real. Much to my surprise the demand has actually been quite remarkable. I recently teamed up with my old pal Joe (who I haven’t seen in person since March, but who I’ve seen on video A LOT!) to create a unique online comedy experience that is something a little bit different. During the past year, we’ve been hired by Fortune 500 companies, local businesses, private parties and happy hour hangouts all over the world to perform this show, as well as “bomb,” their online meetings and spice things up a bit. It’s been real cool and is a great way to add a few minutes of fun to your meeting / party as well as help us from not going insane by being able to use our skills to provide something fun for people. We’re actually really loving it.

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Satisfied Customer Testimonials

“Honestly, one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. It was so fun and creative. Definitely book Lance for your next event!”
-Adam G., Union, NJ

“Lance spiced up a normally boring work meeting and made my colleague’s birthday memorable. Like a virtual ice cream cake. With no shirt”
-Esther, NYC

“After 11 weeks of lockdown in Singapore, we needed something to shake up our weekly social zoom night. Lance took the time to brainstorm the perfect zoom bomb with us, fooling everyone (to the point that one person left convinced he was hacking us for data!) and making us all laugh. A fun, off-the-wall surprise to liven up our virtual party!”
-Elizabeth, Singapore

“Lance was hilarious and injected just the right amount of je ne sais quoi/wtf into our meeting to make it unforgettable for everyone who attended.”
-Gabe, Los Angeles

“The greatest heckler you didn’t know you needed. Unstoppingly funny!”
-Dan F., Schenectady, NY

“Lance was great! The end of the year hump was setting in, but his bomb added some much needed “razzle dazzle” to our meeting!!!! Everyone was cracking up!!!”
-Victoria G., Newark, NJ

“Lance bombed my digital disco event and he instantly became the life of the party. I highly recommend him!”
-Justin W., Newark, NJ

Be prepared to really spice up your team meeting or happy hour with Lance’s zoombomb!  It was fun, funny and gave everyone a mental break from the usual! And always go for the shirtless upgrade, it’s worth the team’s reaction (or shock)!”
-Ana H., NYC

“I can’t say enough about how great Lance was to collaborate with on this, and the results were terrific, and still have everyone in our group talking.  Lance really aimed to please, and talked through the specific context of this event with me, and came up with ingenious and funny ideas tailored to the moment.  And then he executed the Zoombombing with confident comic brilliance. Highly recommended!”
-Derek G., Washington, DC

“You don’t have to get stuck in another typical video meeting. Get Lance. Get Lance! That’s an experience.”
-Denise, NYC

“The main feedback we got from the team was ‘This sets a high bar for company meetings,’ which makes me feel bad for my own ability to lead meetings, but shows the high bar Lance sets.”
-Will, NYC