During Quarantine


Bombing A Live Online Comedy Show


Step One:

Have a meeting (or party). Duh!

Step Two:

Check out the list below and see something you think would work well for your meeting:

  • I can perform stand-up comedy jokes.
  • I can pretend to be a new hire / company employee and be overly positive, annoying or really not bright at all.
  • Roasting your group (you provide me a few details on the members in advance).
  • Giving compliments to people in your group. “Hey, great shirt Steve!”
  • Ask me questions about your product(s) and I’ll give you my thoughts from the outside consumer viewpoint.
  • Singing Happy Birthday or celebrating another occasion with a coworker or friend.
  • I can ask your participants questions about your company (you can give them to me in advance). I can lead the meeting.
  • I can read trivia questions for your group and then you win prizes. (Trivia can be about your company / group members or general trivia).
  • Pretending to give a live musical concert stuck in the wrong call.
  • Watch me build a card house and your team takes bets on how many stories I get up to. Win prizes!
  • I can lead your team in a quick meditation exercise or physical exercise stretches.
  • A reading of positive quotes or statements to motivate the team.
  • I can say a prayer or read someone’s favorite poem.
  • I can teach your team to build origami cranes.
  • I can give shoutouts to specific employees.
  • Ukulele playing.
  • Dancing.
  • Juggling.

Step Three:

Fill out the CONTACT FORM with your info. We will then schedule a phone / video chat where we can go over the details and work together to build a loosely structured bomb skit / sketch as well as incorporate any other ideas you would like to include in the “bomb session”. Most bomb sessions last anywhere from 2 – 10 minutes, but can last any amount of time really. We can blow the door wide open!

*Available for corporate meetings, private parties and everything in between. 

*Available on all video conferencing apps and platforms.


Once we decide what the bomb session format / length will be, we can then come up with a price that meets that criteria. Pricing starts at $50.00 and goes up from there depending on how elaborate we make it. Shirt off during the event is an additional $15.00 upcharge (honestly, this has been the most requested and there’s no way I’m just giving it away for free).