Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this for real?
A: Yes, 100%. Read how it started on the Hompage!

Q: Will you come over to our meeting / home and do a bombing in person?
A: Absolutely not! Not until it is safe to go out and for all of us to social gather once again. Believe us, as live performers, there is nothing we want more than to go out and do live stand-up comedy (our real professions) or to do a bomb session for you in person, but until it is safe for us all, this is the best option. Staying and keeping everyone safe is the #1 priority of!

Q: Does Lance always do a “bomb session” shirtless or can we request that he have a shirt on?
A: You can absolutely have a “bomb session” accompanied with Lance wearing a shirt, and honestly, he would prefer that. But shirtless seems to be a more popular option almost 99% of the time. It’s strange what people want and we’re finding this out as we go. But if the people want it, we will give it to them!

Q: Does Lance have a girlfriend?
A: And to that Lance poses a question to you. Do you think this kind of talent would go unnoticed?

Q: Does Lance have a boyfriend?
A: Same answer as above. And this also shows us that you have not yet read the Contact page. Makes sense, it’s farther to the right on the menu and if we were visiting this site, we wouldn’t have yet clicked on it ourselves.

Q: Does Joe have a girlfriend?
A: Of course! Some might even say he is married with two kids. Look at him. He’s got his act together!

Q: What’s one thing you want people to get out of this website and the bomb comedy shows?
A: We guess just to recognize that it’s a short life for us all and sometimes things can get tough, particularly in a time like now, so if we can just be little kinder to each other and try to make each other’s day a bit better then that’s real great. We often forget this ourselves most days, so this is a personal reminder for us too!

Q: Where else can we learn more about you guys?
A: Great question, and we’re so glad you asked! All of this information can be found on our personal websites and There’s videos, podcasts, etc. and you can connect to us via social media there as well!

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